Why dive with us?

  • Divine Diving is a very professional, highly rated PADI and SSI dive center.  

  • Our team consists of highly experienced Instructors and Divemasters.

  • We have extensive knowledge of the area, coral reefs, marine life, and biodiversity.

  • We empathize on safety, making sure all our staff are up to date with first aid training and accident procedures

  • Our dive groups are small,  allowing high quality and personalized service for everyone.

  • The equipment we use at Divine Diving is consistently serviced and upgraded. 

  • Nungwi village is the doorway to the best diving in Zanzibar and East Africa.

  • Explore over 25 fantastic dive sites, with excellent biodiversity, abundant, vibrant corals and marine life.

  • We offer an excellent value-for-money experience, with extreme attention to detail.


1. Opaz Michael.jpg

Opaz Michael

Company Director

Opaz born in Jaffa, Israel, on the Mediterranean coast. Diving since 1998, Opaz is a PADI Diving Instructor. In addition, he has been living in Zanzibar for the last 13 years. Opaz backpacked in East Africa for one year, travelling in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Previously, he also worked at Maslul, where he gave presentations and advise about trips to East Africa for travelers.


Vernon Cameron

General Manager

SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer,  Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor

Vernon grew up in South Africa and worked as a tour guide through Southern and East Africa for 10 years before settling in Zanzibar. He has vast knowledge about touring through Africa and always open for a discussion about your travel plans.


Vladimir Romanov

Dive Instructor





Juma Omar Ali

Padi Instructor & SSI Specialty Instructor

Juma came from Wasini Island, South of Kenya, where he fell in love with diving. Juma is a PADI Instructor since 2008. He has been diving since 1995 and he is living in Zanzibar now.


Makame Ali

Assistant Boat Captain

Makame Ali is one of our assistant captains. Big and strong, you will see him hoist the anchor with ease and watch out for debris on our way on the boat. He was born in Nungwi, and was a fisherman for many years before coming to work with us.

Haji Juma.jpg

Haji Juma

Assistant Boat Captain

Haji Juma is one of our boat captains. Haji used to transport goods on traditional sail boats from the island to the mainland. He started as a security guard for the boat with us and worked his way up in the company.


Rama Nahoda

Snorkelling Guide & Dive Master Trainee

Rama is doing a dive master internship with us and is our main snorkelling guide. He also moves our dive tanks to the compressor room and has his own little barber shop in the village. If you are looking for a clean cut, he is your man.

Владимир Романов - инструктор по дайвингу и мото-инструктор. Технический дайвер. Из Москвы.В дайвинге с 2000 года. Работал в индустрии дайвинга в России, Египте, Таиланде и в течение года был менеджером дайвинг-сафари на моторной яхте.

Vladimir Romanov is a diving instructor IANTD and motorcycle instructor. Technical diver. From Moscow. Diving since 2000. He worked in the diving industry in Russia, Egypt, Thailand and during a year has co-managed diving safari motor-yacht.


Oscar Domingo

Businesss Manager


Oscar came from Barcelona, Spain. During the last 9 years he has been working in Zanzibar, combining diving, kite surfing, live aboard charters, and delivery of boats. In the last couple of years he has made two Ocean crossings. Oscar has a degree in Business Administration and Economics and he is happy to help with fish identification and discuss local marine life, which is very important to him. You will see him constantly working on various gardening and carpentry projects around Cholo’s beach, where Divine Diving center is located.


Sergei Reznikov

Technical Instructor



Galy Vladishevskaiai

Russian Administrator 



Kidanga Mussa Jabir

Operational Manager

Kidanga is originally from Nungwi and has been with Divine Diving since 2011. Before him, his father worked with us. Mussa is Operational Manager; he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Ask him if you need any local information! His father brought him to Divine so through his work here he hopes that people remember and honour his father.


Dominic Hare

Padi Dive Master & SSI Instructor

Dominic is a Diver Instructor Divine Diving Yoga & Dive Centre Zanzibar. He graduated with bachelor’s degree in finance at Kenyatta University in Kenya, before moving to Zanzibar in 2017, where he did his Dive master course and eventually made it as a Diving Instructor. He is a great team player best known for his communicative skills and cooperates well with clients, other staff members and the management team at large.


Rajabu Abdallah Bakari

Boat Captain

Rajabu comes from Tanga, Tanzania. Rajabu is not only a boat captain but can help as a snorkelling guide as well. He has a contagious smile and always ready to help wherever he can

Sergei born in Kemerovo, Russia. Diving since 1995, he is an IANTD technical diving instructor, also a gas blander (make gas mixtures for any depth). Sergei works in the diving industry since 2010 and he is co-manager at "Black Sea Diving College" and president of the diving-club "Team of Black Sea Divers" in the city of Sochi, Russia. He organizes diving trips in Egypt, Turkey, Malta, the USA, the UAE, Mexico, Belize, and sure Zanzibar, and around Russia.

Сергей Резников – технический инструктор
Сергей родился в городе Кемерово, ныряет с 1995 года. Он является техническим инструктором ИАНТД и газблендером (приготовление газовых смесей для любых погружений). Сергей работает в дайвинг индустрии с 2010 года, он президент клуба «Команда Черноморских Дайверов» и помогает в управлении дайв центром «Black Sea Diving College» в Сочи. Он организовывает дайвинг туры в Египет, Турцию, Мальту, США, Арабские Эмираты, Мексику, Белиз и конечно Занзибар и по России.


Galy is Sergei's wife, she helps him with the diving organization during trips. She is a technical diver, dives up to 60 meters. Galy is an animal lover and they're answered her the same.

Галина Владишевская – администратор, ассистент инструктора
Галина жена Сергея, помогает ему в организации дайвинга в поездках. Она технический дайвер ИАНТД, ныряет до 60м. Галина ни чает души в животных, которые отвечают ей взаимностью и всегда её окружают.


First to know, Divine Diving Dive Center is located in Nungwi Village, at the Northern tip of the beautiful Zanzibar Island.

Secondly, the many magnificent and diverse dive sites can be explored easily with our traditional dhow boat, Sunrise. With healthy and vibrant reefs all around Nungwi, we have dive sites for every level of experience and comfort level. From relaxing and shallow dives, to exhilarating deep walls dives, we will entertain you to the colorful coral and abundant marine life that Zanzibar has to offer.

Furthermore, we do have other attractions within our location, so please ask us and we will help you to find other adventures to fulfill your holiday dreams.

Needs more details, or like to book a dive or snorkel?
Divine Diving has three offices in Nungwi.

The first is located in Cholo’s beach, where we launch all our dives (and where we run our restaurant-bar as well).  Second office is stationed in Amaan Bungalows Hotel, and the third one is in Double Tree by Hilton hotel, not far from the other two.