Dive Master Internship Information Form

Thank you for choosing Divine Diving as your introduction for the diving professional world.
To become a dive master (DM) is a great steppingstone into furthering your diving career
and opens many doors into the industry. We at Divine Diving believe that doing an
internship is the best way of achieving this goal. In an internship, you do not only build
experience in diving, but also get a great understanding of how the industry works and what
is fully expected from a DM. By learning and understanding these extra responsibilities you
will be much better prepared to stepping into any dive shop around the world.
Our internship is a 3-month nonpaid internship. You will have to pay for your own
accommodation, food, entertainment (drinks, smokes, snacks) and the course material.
What will you be doing during your internship?
During the internship, you will be part of the team and work together with everyone. A
diving internship is not all about the diving, although you will be doing lots of it. We start
early in the morning, usually 7:30am and the day ends at 6pm. Every morning we start by
prepping for the trip that is heading out. This means, we take all tanks, BCD’s, fins and mask
bags, spare tanks and so on out of the shop and make ready to load onto the boat. We then
load the boat with equipment before the clients arrive. When clients are here, we help then
with the fins, making sure it’s the right size and getting wetsuits for them to try on and for
the divers getting the right amount of weights.
Then we jump on the boat and head of to the diving/ snorkelling (snk) site. On the boat, we
interact with the guests, having small talk and enjoying the trip. After the first dive/ snk, we
change the tanks for the divers. The clients do not do any of this work. We then do the
second session and head back to the centre. When the boat arrives back, we wash all the
gear and hang out to get dry before packing everything away again when the shop closes.
We will try that you are on the boat diving every day, but some days you will be snk guide as
well. This is a requirement for the DM course. Apart from being snk guide some days, you
will also be in the office selling trips at times. This is part of the internship. When in the
office, you will clean the office and walk around the hotel asking people to come and do
You will be working 6 days a week and get 1 day off. This day will be discussed on arrival.
It is not an over intensive job, just more short bursts of hard work and then nice relaxed and
then hard work again. You will have plenty of time to study in between and you should.


We will break the entire DM course into segments that will be completed during your stay
here. You will only be certified as a DM at the end of the 3months. Some days you might
feel that you are not making progress on the course. This is not true. You need a minimum
of 60 logged dives to qualify for DM, every dive you do gets you closer to that goal. In the 3-
month period that you are here, you will have done everything required to complete the
Expenses and money for your stay.

The course material 350 USD and Professional registration fee is 60 EURO. This includes, 4
specialities, Diver Stress and rescue, React Right, Science of Diving and Dive Guide.
This does depend on the level you already have. If you are not a certified diver yet, there is
an extra charge to complete the open water certification. 50 USD.
Here are many places to exchange money and they all take most common world currencies.
USD, EURO, POUNDS even RAND. The rates are all pretty reasonable. There is only one ATM
in Nungwi and it does not always have money in it, but after a few days it will have again
Accommodation and Food.
We can help you to sort out accommodation in Nungwi and not too far from the office. The
price is around 250 – 300 USD per month. It will be shared accommodation with a kitchen
and lounge. You can also look for other accommodation in Nungwi area if you like. AirBnB
and booking.com are good options.
You can purchase fresh food in the village and make food at home or you can eat at the
restaurants. Generally, you will spend around 200-300 USD per month on food and drink.
But of course, this is up to you and depends on how much you eat out, how much you drink
and so on. 1kg of tomatoes costs a little more than 1USD in the village for example. Many
people have gotten away with spending way less than this amount when mainly eating at
local restaurants.

You will have to get a work visa upon arrival at immigration desk. Once you send us your
flight ticket, we will send you an invitation letter confirming you are coming to work with us
and then you have to pay the fees. For the work visa, it is 200USD. Then, depending of
which nationality you are, you will have to pay around 50USD for the entry visa as well.