All About Divine Diving Dive Center

Divine Diving Dive Center Site location

Divine Diving Dive Center center is located in Nungwi Village, at the Northern tip of the beautiful Zanzibar Island.

Our many magnificent diverse dive sites can be explored in the abundant, healthy reefs of Zanzibar. From relaxing and shallow dives, to exhilarating deep walls, we have vibrant, colorful corals and marine life dive sites to suit every experience level.

Divine Diving office is located in Amman Bungalows Hotel, and the dives are launched not far from there, from Cholo’s Beach.

Nungwi, Zanzibar

Meet Divine Diving Dive Center team

Divine Diving Dive Center team - Opaz

Opaz Michael

PADI Diving Instructor
Opaz born in Jaffa, Israel, on the Mediterranean coast. Opaz is a PADI Diving Instructor and has been diving since 1998. He has been living in Zanzibar for the last 13 years. Opaz backpacked in East Africa for one year travelling in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. He also use to work at Maslul where he gave presentations and advise about trips to East Africa for travellers.
Divine Diving Dive Center team - Oscar

Oscar Domingo

PADI Diving Instructor, Kite Instructor & RYA Yachtmaster
Oscar Domingo is from Barcelona, Spain. He has been working the last 9 years in Zanzibar combining diving, kitesurfing, liveaboard charters, and delivery of boats. In the last couple years he has made two Ocean crossings. Oscar has a degree in Business Administration and Economics. Oscar is happy to help with fish identification and discuss local marine life. You will see him constantly working on various gardening and carpentry projects around Cholo’s beach.
Divine Diving Dive Center tea - Raphael

Raphael Bendelac

Diving Club Manager
Raphael (Rapha) is French and Israeli. He has worked in diving in various positions for many years. He is a PADI instructor since 2014 with more than 5,000 dives. He is a marine biologist and very passionate about nature and conservation. Before this Raphael managed a sea turtle Rehabilitation center in Israel. He has worked as a skipper for yachts and is a certified trimix technical diver. He loves to trek and travel around the world!
Divine Diving Dive Center team - Juma Omar

Juma Omar

PADI Diving Instructor
Juma Omar Ali is a PADI Instructor since 2008. He is from Wasini Island, South of Kenya, where he fell in love with diving. Juma has been diving since 1995 and he is living in Zanzibar four years.
Divine Diving Dive Center tea - Ali Mbarouk

Ali Mbarouk

PADI Dive master
Ali Mbarouk Ali from Stonetown has been with us almost two years as a PADI Divemaster. He worked as a Divemaster in Zanzibar for four years before that, so he is very experienced about our local reefs and marine life. Ali has also worked sailing yachts and catamarans. Ali loves music and dance; ask him to take you to a local party!
Divine Diving Dive Center tea - Ambrosini Mrisho Mohamed

Ambrosini Mrisho Mohamed

PADI Dive Master
Ambrosini Mrisho Mohamed is from Tanga, Tanzania. He has been in Zanzibar six years, working with Divine Diving the whole time. If you want to add Ambrosini on facebook search ‘Amrosio Zanzibar.’ He started here as a DMT and has been with us from the very beginning and done all his divemaster training with Opaz and Oscar.
Divine Diving Dive Center tea - Kidanga Mussa Jabir

Kidanga Mussa Jabir

Operations Manager
Kidanga Mussa Jabir is originally from Nungwi and has been with Divine Diving for four years. Before him his father worked with us. Mussa is Operations Manager; he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Ask him if you need any local information! His father brought him to Divine so through his work here he hopes that people remember and honor his father.
Divine Diving Dive Center team - Hamdu Kombo Haji

Hamdu Kombo Haji

Hamdu Kombo Haji is our Captain. He is originally from Tumbatu island (we love to dive the reefs of Tumbatu!). Hamdu has worked as a boat captain locally for more than 13 years so he is very knowledgeable about our local waters. After diving and fishing for many years Hamdu now enjoys staying above the water captaining the boat. He loves to travel and explore East Africa.
Divine Diving Dive Center team - Rajabu Abdallah Bakari

Rajabu Abdallah Bakari

Boat Captain
Rajabu Abdallah Bakari is from Tanga, Tanzania. He has been on Zanzibar Island for five years and with us three years. Raja is a boat captain and snorkeling guide. You will see him assisting other captains, managing the anchor, and leading snorkelers.
Divine Diving Dive Center team - Omari Hamadi Abdallah Suleman

Omari Hamadi Abdallah Suleman

Captain and snorkeling guide
Omari Hamadi Abdallah Suleman is our captain and snorkeling guide. He is originally from Pemba Island where he also worked in diving. He has lived in Zanzibar six years. Omari is a very gentle and patient snorkeling guide; he enjoys meeting people from all over the world. In his free time he likes to go fishing!

Why Dive With Us?

    • Many reasons:

    • Divine Diving Dive Center is a professional, highly rated PADI Dive Center.

    • Our team is made of highly experienced Instructors and Divemasters.

    • We have extensive knowledge of the area, coral reefs, marine life, and biodiversity.

    • Our center offers breathing technique (Pranayama) classes, to improve air consumption and enjoy a more relaxed dive.

    • We emphasize safety first. Our dive professionals are trained in first aid and accident procedures.

    • Our dive groups are small to provide high quality, personalized service.

    • Divine Diving Dive Center  equipment is consistently serviced and upgraded. We are the only Mares equipped dive center in East Africa.

    • Nungwi village is the doorway to the best diving in Zanzibar and East Africa

    • Explore over 25 fantastic dive sites, with excellent biodiversity, abundant, vibrant corals and marine life.

    • We offer an excellent value-for-money experience with extreme attention to detail.

    • Affiliated with DAN Decompression Chamber in Matemwe.

    • We are an international team speaking English, Hebrew, Spanish, French and Swahili.

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