About us 2018


Rapha is French and Israeli. Raphael has worked in diving in various positions for many years. He is a PADI instructor since 2014 with more than 5,000 dives. He is a marine biologist and very passionate about nature and conservation. Before this Raphael managed a sea turtle Rehabilitation center in Israel. He has worked as a skipper for yachts and is a certified trimix technical diver. He loves to trek and travel around the world!
Diving Club Manager


Rachael Smith is a PADI (MSDT) Instructor since 2013. She is originally from the coast of Northern California. She has worked as a scuba diving instructor and educator in various Caribbean countries. Rachael has an environmental science degree and is interested in links between human rights and the environment. She loves teaching diving, traveling, and learning about all water sports and activities!
Diving Club Manager


Juma Omar Ali is a PADI Instructor since 2008. He is from Wasini Island, South of Kenya where he fell in love with diving. Juma has been diving since 1995 and living in Zanzibar four years.
PADI Dive Instructor